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DryGuy Boot Dryers

DryGuy offers a variety of boot dryers for drying your ski boots, skates, work boots, shoes and gloves.  You can select a boot dryer to dry your boots in 3 hrs. with heat or overnight with out heat.  If you need more help select a boot dryer, refer to our Quick Reference Guide  

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DG1 Wide Body-$82.82 Dry 2 boots & 2 gloves in 3 hrs. with or without heat, timer. Free Shipping + Free Ear Mitts for a Limited Time

DG1 Sweet 16 -$94.95 (2 for $90.00 ea.) Same as DG1 with two 16" drying tubes.

DG1 Long Ranger -$129.96 (2 for $125.00 ea.) Same as DG1 with two 48" drying tubes.



AirPlus-$59.95 Dry 2 ski boots and 2 gloves, no heat. Free Shipping


Thermanator-$79.95 Dry 2 boots & 2 gloves overnight with heat.


Circulator-$29.95 Dry 2 boots or shoes overnight with heat. Free Shipping

DryStix-$27.95 Dry 2 boots or shoes overnight with heat. Free Shipping



DryFast-$35.95 Dry 2 boots or shoes with AC or DC power, no heat.



bulletSkiers can quickly dry ski boots and gloves 
bulletSkaters will always have dry skates and gloves
bulletAthletes can have dry, moist, odor free sneakers or cleats 
bulletOutdoor workers can go to work with dry warm boots every day
bulletDry, moist free boots and gloves are warmer and will keep you warmer longer



Feet and Hands have the highest number of sweat glands per square inch.


Moisture breeds fungus and bacteria that create odor and disease.


Moist garments are up to 25 times colder than dry garments.


Because boots, shoes and gloves are closed end garments, they do not dry well without the aid of dryers


DryGuy has developed a number of products such as boot dryers with different features to solve the problems of cold feet and hands for young and old alike. People of all ages and activity levels perspire or sweat. This is readily recognized by those participating in vigorous activities, as well as in youngsters who usually have a limited number of shoes fitting them at any one time. They experience very wet feet due to the fact that their shoes never get an opportunity to dry.

This is also compounded by the natural attraction of children to puddles. For those participating in more extreme sports, such as snow skiing or even hiking, dry equipment not only brings comfort to the sport or hunting but can mean the difference between frostbite and no frostbite. DryGuy products also promote healthy feet and hands by eliminating the moisture that encourages the growth of bacteria and fungus, which cause odor and disease.


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