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Dry Guy ThermoFeet - Warmer Boots => Warmer Feet!

As Seen on the Rachel Ray Show

ThermoFeet™- heat reflectors - Ever seen a satellite wrapped in polar fleece? Not likely. NASA utilizes pure metals for thermal protection. Thermofeet™ utilize 99% pure aluminum applied to two sides of a polyolefin film. The result is a 98% efficient reflection of body heat. Thermofeet™ are placed under the insole, orthotic, or to the top of the insole when the insole or inner boot has been removed. Thermofeet™ have a series of pores to facilitate normal vapor transfer but are not intended for direct contact with the foot. 
bulletFits any footwear
bulletKeeps your footwear 10-20 degrees warmer
bullet1.4 mil thin, will not affect fit
bulletMakes any footwear more comfortable
bulletApplies to underside of insole