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Ear Mitts are IN - High Tech Warmth and Comfort

Ear Mitts

  Bandless Ear Warmers

Get with the latest fad, Ear Mitts.  Ear Mitts are becoming the most popular ear warmers on ski mountains today.  So go Bandless, absolutely  nothing to get in the way hair or hat.  Just pull them out of your pocket and pop them on.

bulletEar Mitts Ear Warmer Won't mess up your Hair!
bulletFit easily in you pocket
bulletThinsulate Insulation for Unparalleled Warmth

Weather your skiing, waiting for bus, taxi or train, you'll love Ear Mitts® the first time you feel them warm your ears. Perfect for sports, casual, business or evening. They're just the thing for anyone who works in the cold — from skiers to ski instructors, mail carriers to construction workers, policemen to doormen, sports fans to sports officials, and landscapers to gardeners. At work or while working out, Ear Mitts will keep you comfortable.

Ear Mitts® Bandless Ear Muffs are a stylish way to keep your ears protected from the wind and cold. Their unique patented design works for anyone - men, women, and children. ONE SIZE FITS ALL! They are ideal for work, play, or evening.

The design has just been improved for a better fit. The special inside frame now has the capability to mold itself to your particular ear shape. The more you wear them, the more comfortable they become!

Ear Mitts are a fun way to keep your ears warm without flattening out your hair style. They easily slip on (like mittens) without a headband to mess up your hair.



bulletEar Mitts Keep your ear warm all day
bulletEar Mitts Won't mess up your hair
bulletEar Mitts Look Great
bulletEar Mitts Thinsulate Insulation for Unparalleled Warmth
Available Color:
Heather Gray  
Navy Blue  
Navy Blue with USA


Hunter Green  

Ear Mitts - Ear Warmer Free Shipping within the United States

$12.00 shipping charge for international orders


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